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     Health emergency update
    Saturday, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
    Monday, 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
    in the parking lot to the side of the rectory.

     I will hear confessions in my car - a green Toyota Camry. I will park near the entrance of the basement chapel. I will leave the passenger window open. Drive up about a foot or so away. Confess and go. I won't be looking, for those who do not go face to face. We will give the drive through model a try!

    Cancelled if raining!
  • Mass and Bible Study on Facebook Live

    This link will take you to the parish Facebook group.  Videos are in order with most recent first.  
  • Online Giving

    At this time when churches are closed, it’s impossible to pass a basket. Despite this, we still have expenses. If you want to help your parish, this is a great chance still to make your contribution! Online giving is a great way to support our parish. Signing up is easy if you can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Ues the link below, first under "Get Connected".
    To keep costs down, we ask that you make your donations scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. For online support, call them at 1-800-348-2886, Ex. 2. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!